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    Craft-tastic – DIY Charm Bracelets Kit – Craft Kit Makes 4 Customizable Bracelets with Easy DIY Puffy Sticker Charms

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Little stories

    “La habitación de la obliteración” de Yayoi Kusama

    Una instalación interactiva de Yayoi Kusama que seguramente te hará sonreír se encuentra actualmente en exhibición en la Galería de Arte Moderno de Queensland. Titulado “The Obliteration Room”, el proyecto comenzó con el interior de una casa encalada como un lienzo en blanco para los niños que visitaban el museo para cubrir con puntos de […]

    Delicate Digital Paintings by Ensee

    Korean artist Mi-Kyung Choi, who goes by the nickname “Ensee,” creates digital paintings that blend pastel hues and the delicate touch usually accomplished with traditional materials.

    Just Grow It by Mr Plant

    Nature is the key component for Paris-born artist Christophe Guinet, also known as “Mr. Plant”. As a teenager he was always very much in touch with nature, a fascination that he later combined with the urban street art inspired by skate and fashion.