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8th Annual ‘Moleskine Project’ Featuring Artists Notebooks Art

For their eighth year, the Annual Moleskine Project brought together over 50 different artists from around the world, all working within the confines of a notebook. Sydney-based artist Rodrigo Luff and Spoke Art co-curated this year worldwide artists including Laura BergerKevin Peterson, and Martine Johanna amongst others.

The exhibition made its initial debut at Spoke San Francisco in 2011. Featuring both emerging and established artists, the exhibition is a continuation of the project, in which artists are provided with a Moleskine book in order to create an original piece within the pages of the book.

“a tribute to how artists have developed and grown by using sketchbooks to dive deeper into the personal realms that fuel their artwork. An energetic visual dialogue of imagery flows from frame to frame, forming a collective sketchbook that allows us to appreciate the radically individual approach taken by each artist.” – The show mission described by Rod Luff.



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