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“La habitación de la obliteración” de Yayoi Kusama

Una instalación interactiva de Yayoi Kusama que seguramente te hará sonreír se encuentra actualmente en exhibición en la Galería de Arte Moderno de Queensland. Titulado “The Obliteration Room”, el proyecto comenzó con el interior de una casa encalada como un lienzo en blanco para los niños que visitaban el museo para cubrir con puntos de […]

PopClik Headphones

PopClik is a new brand of headphones that wants you to “keep the real world outside.” With clean, highly defined sound quality, the color-blocked earphones sit nicely with young audiophiles in the U.S. and South America. In PopClik’s latest campaign, illustrators Eli Ferrer,

Tjalf Sparnaay Photorealistic Food Paintings

Since 1987, Dutch Photo-realistic artist Tjalf Sparnaay has been working on his imposing oeuvre, constantly seeking new images that have never been painted before (mostly painting food). What he calls Megarealism is part of the contemporary global art movement of Hyperrealism, and with prices of  original oil paintings between 10.000 and 45.000 €, Sparnaay is […]

8th Annual ‘Moleskine Project’ Featuring Artists Notebooks Art

For their eighth year, the Annual Moleskine Project brought together over 50 different artists from around the world, all working within the confines of a notebook. Sydney-based artist Rodrigo Luff and Spoke Art co-curated this year worldwide artists including Laura Berger, Kevin Peterson, and Martine Johanna amongst others. The exhibition made its initial debut at Spoke San Francisco in 2011. […]